Welcome to lisabelkin.com

Welcome to lisabelkin.com

Welcome to lisabelkin.com. I am eager to know why you are here.
But first, let me tell you why I am here.

I never felt a need for a website. For years I basically covered the web as a story in itself. When websites and blogs began to transform parenting (and the rest of our lives) I wrote about them, read them, relied on them, and understood them to be a completely new way to communicate and navigate.

But I never built one of my own because I felt that if I had something to say I already had someplace to say it. For decades that place was the New York Times, what with all that space in the Magazine for narrative stories and two different columns for opinions (first Life’s Work, then Motherlode.) Next, The Huffington Post, where a square of online real estate was mine to opine in (my editors might say “rant” in) as often as I liked. And always there was Facebook, which is where I put those opinions now, even after I returned to long-form writing over at Yahoo.

But somewhere along the way I realized what I want is not a podium, but rather a home. A place to collect decades of writing under one “roof”. A way to add to that pile, and expand upon it, maybe to play with different ways of writing (things that are too long for FB, too opinionated for my Yahoo job, too train of thought for either…) As I head off on a new book, this could be a place to try out ideas or gather research. As my Show Me A Hero miniseries nears its airdate (first there has to BE an airdate) this is where I can post updates and inside chatter.

Right now it’s an empty space, and I don’t know how it will look when I haul in some belongings, decorate a bit, spread out and get comfortable. These first walls and my name on the mailbox feel like a great start, though.

So come on in and take a seat. Use my new email lisa@lisabelkin.com to talk to me. Leave comments. Suggest story ideas. Post a few rants or epiphanies of your own. Or enter your email below and you will get an email when I post something here or elsewhere on this site.

Then let’s see what happens.


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  1. Lawrence Daniels

    I read your story on “Angry White Man”. Sounds like a strange title, story was great. Why does the news always have to label, white, black or what ever. Are we all not just people doing the best we can, with what God gave us. A real issue, why is the ACA so lopsided in favor of the insurance companies? I know the answers are because the insurance pay really big for commercial time. The insurance execs all need their big checks, and watch the little guy suffer to their graves. I can talk all day about politics, and what I view as wrong. My wife agrees for the most part, but does have her own views and real life ideals.

  2. Paul D. Nunnelly

    In reference to “Angry White Man”, I applaud you. Your sincerity is clearly represented and felt. Your patience and willingness to listen are wonderfully refreshing. This is a good method to help heal our differences. I wish you the best!

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