When Trump made a pass at me. And why it matters.

When Trump made a pass at me. And why it matters.

This is a story about how Donald Trump made a pass at me. And about what that does and does not mean as he runs for president.

In the early months of 1987, I was a 26-year-old reporter at the New York Times and I went to a party at the newly opened Wollman Rink in Central Park. The rink had been rebuilt with great fanfare by Trump, who, remarkably, accomplished in four months what the city had been trying to do for nine years.

I had interviewed Trump once for an article and was somehow invited to this event, which I attended with my now husband. I introduced him to Trump, we all chatted briefly, and then Bruce went off to get some hot chocolate or somesuch. After he’d walked away, Trump said there would be an even better afterparty and I was welcome to join him, but only if I came alone.

That memory has surfaced periodically over the past few months as the Trump nomination has gone from unimaginable to unstoppable. I kept it mostly to myself for nearly all of that time, even as I wrote about Trump’s relationships with the women who worked with and for him over the years, and even as my article concluded — to my own surprise, frankly — that Trump had a record of promoting women to high-level jobs within his organization and of treating them (for better or worse) just like he treated the men. In retrospect, I think perhaps I should have disclosed that encounter when the story was published, but at the time, I thought of it as just one long-ago data point.

This weekend, when the New York Times ran its front-page story about similar memories of dozens of other women, I posted a brief recap of my own experience on my Facebook page. My point — my single encounter was part of a trend. By the next day, that Times story had come under fire because the woman in its lead anecdote said she’d been misrepresented, and I came to see my own encounter as one bit of pushback against Trump’s Twitter claims that everything in the Times article was ancient history, irrelevant, or a lie.

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