Please Don’t Say ‘Break a Leg’

Please Don’t Say ‘Break a Leg’

shutterstock_114059833The first thing I did on the “National Day of Unplugging” was use a cellphone. To call an ambulance. For myself.

In other words, my experimental day without technology didn’t go exactly as planned.

Rewind to Friday afternoon, when I announced on Motherlode that I would be participating in the 24-hour experiment, from sundown to sundown, a decision born of my growing realization that I was texting and tweeting and e-mailing and Facebooking a bit too often. I worried that I “touched base” electronically with my children constantly, yet only rarely really talked. This would be a chance, I wrote loftily, to “disconnect our devices and reconnect with each other.”

Yeah. Ummm. About that…

At 6:30 Friday evening I closed my computer, after promising you guys that I would report back on Monday morning. Twenty minutes later I was headed out for the evening, off to meet my husband, who was a little delayed leaving his office. With my hand on the doorknob, I turned back at the last minute and put my “off-limits-for-the-next-24-hours” cellphone in my purse. “Stupid to be without a phone in an emergency just to prove a philosophical point,” I thought, as I walked toward the car.

It was dark outside. Our driveway is lined with decorative stones. What looked to me like flat asphalt was actually a slanted edge of rock. My left ankle rolled in my three-inch heels, then my right foot slammed a second rock, and as soon as I landed I knew it was bad. READ MORE