Sometimes there is a story behind a story.

Sometimes there is a story behind a story.

We did a project over at Yahoo News looking at “What Women Want Now.” We commissioned a poll as part of it, and my piece of this large pie was to write about how this moment of female empowerment and action looks to women who don’t feel part of it. The third of the women in the country who consider themselves somewhat or very conservative.

I spent a good chunk of time talking to these women, and you can read their thoughts on the tenor of the times in the article. But there was something else that happened, which didn’t make it into the article, and that was the large percentage of these women who declined to talk to me at all, because the press is biased and unfair and has an agenda and they just didn’t trust me.

I had some deep and worthwhile conversations with some of these women. I’m cutting and pasting one of them below. In it I lay out, as best I can, the changes in journalism that contribute to this feeling by some that the media is making it up and getting it wrong. At the end this woman said she had never thought of it this way before, and that we the media should do a better job of explaining this to people.

Well, this is the start of me explaining as often as I can. I realize that here in my little FB world I’m pretty much preaching to the choir – but it’s a start. And I would love your thoughts on how we reporters can do a better job of explaining how it is that a good reporter reports.


Lisa Belkin